Alpine Lodge

A return to our roots with natural materials such as stone fireplaces, rough hewn wood, exposed heavy beams and wrought iron hardware; rugged and reliable yet showing the true skills of the craftsman. As our lives have become more complex, our desires have evolved and with that a return to living in an unspoiled, natural setting with the elements of a lodge being statements of that simplicity.

With today’s rustic modern alpine architecture, interior environments are less cluttered. Ceilings are be higher with soaring beams. Rooms are more open embracing the outdoors. And spaces are more attuned to the organic ambiance of clean living. For this new rendition of the alpine lodge, strong furnishings with clean lines and soft curves that mix beautifully with natural elements found in the construction of the home itself.

From motifs of wood beams and stacked stone to accents of metal, leather and richly textured fabrics- reflecting a simplicity that’s in utter agreement with the architecture around it and the wilderness outdoors. Today’s rustic reality enjoys the best of modern convenience

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