Soho Platform Display Cabinet

Soho Platform Display Cabinet
Soho Platform Display Cabinet Soho Platform Display Cabinet Soho Platform Display Cabinet

Display your decorative items in this stylish cabinet. Metal fretwork on doors and a metal base at the bottom complement the rustic look wood of the display cabinet's frame and interior drawers. Storage features include two adjustable glass shelves, two drawers, and touch-hinge operated LED lighting.

Create Extra Space and Organize Items with Adjustable Shelving
This piece features adjustable shelves to help you create the most storage out of the space available. If you need to store larger items, simply remove the shelf or move it up or down to create the room you need. With adjustable shelving you can customize this item’s look and storage options with ease.

Silverware Tray Keeps Drawers Organized
Keep forks, spoons and knives in their proper place with a silverware tray. Drawer movement can cause your silverware to shift and become disorganized as well as scratched or damaged. The tray also helps protect the inside of your drawer from scratching, keeping it looking newer for longer.

Touch Lighting Highlights Dining Room Pieces 
Perfect for displaying your fine china, decorative pieces, or other dining room items, touch lighting will illuminate your collectibles. Turn the lighting on and off with a gentle tap of a finger on a specific spot on the outside of the cabinet. Not only does it allow you to proudly display your favorite items, but it also provides ambient lighting to your dining room. NOTE: this has to be activated by an electrician.

This piece is an indent order item.

Price: $5,336


112.0 w x 48.2 d x 188.0 h -CM

  • Light Oak Finish
  • 2 Glass Shelves
  • Silverware tray insert in r/h drawer
  • 2 Drawers
  • Touch-LED lighting
  • Metal Fretwork on the doors
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