Aside from soaring ceilings and gigantic windows, there is no better friend to a room space than a well-placed mirror. Expanding walls, amplifying light, breaking up visual clutter, mirrors can be used to solve most any design dilemma. Perhaps that's why we feature their awesomeness so often. Browse our range for beautful mirrors from the classic to the contemporary...



Ame Mirror
Avondale Oval Mirror
Simple, classic lines reflect the beauty of your room in this generous oval mirror. With a single on..
Bogart Rook Mirror
Classic perfection in rich polished hardwood and gold accents from Bogart Collection. In stock no..
Exclamation and Point  Mirror Set
Need to make a decorating statement with an emphasis? We have the answer, and it even offers you opt..

Forever Chang-ing Mirror - Modern Artisans
The Forever Changing mirror is the perfect counterpoint to the many square forms and clean lines in ..
Georgia Mirror
The carved reeding of the Sandersberg Georgia Mirror’s frame shines with the subtle metallic of the ..
Goldstein: Bogart Metal Mirror
The artfully positioned herringbone overlay on the Bogart Metal Mirror has the impact of a fine piec..
Goldstein: Spencer Floor Mirror
The reeded oak frame of the full-length Spencer Floor Mirror is accented with simple brass insets at..

Goldstein: Whitney Mirror
The serenely simple Whitney Mirror fits comfortably in any room in the house. The triptych of t..
Key Largo Gold Round Mirror
Humphrey Bogart's zest for life was extraordinary. Known for his magnetic personality. Bogart person..
Key Largo Silver Round Mirror
Humphrey Bogart's zest for life was extraordinary. Known for his magnetic personality. Bogart person..
Looking at You Mirror
Carved with a feel of a Casablanca hotel, this mirror is perfect pair to many of the Bogart collecti..

Louis Mirror, Stucco
Arch topped elegance. The Sandersberg Louis Mirror reinterprets neo-classical design with an easygoi..
Lucas Mirror Stucco
Inspired by a centuries-old technique perfected in Venice, the graceful Sandersberg Lucas Mirror spa..
Montreaux Black Mirror
Classic Style Never Fades.... Bring some transitional influence into your home by choosing the Montr..
Morrissey: Freida  Mirror
 Deco-inspired Frieda Mirror was inspired by the flurry of petals dropping from a springti..

Morrissey: Perrett  Mirror
In the tradition of grande luxe, the oval Deco-inspired Perett Mirror is finished in Bezel, a warm s..
Morrissey: Walsh Mirror - 3 Colours
The graceful fluted frame of the Walsh Mirror meets at eight mitered corners. The mirror glass has a..
Palisade Mirror
Open up any room in your house with this stunning wall mirror. Panels of glass separate an inner and..
Provenance: Crowned Landscape Mirror
Decorative scalloped crown with central shell carving to match bed Beveled glass adds a touch of ele..

Provenance: Vertical Mirror- Linen
Inspired by the dressed down traditional style of the European provinces, the Provenance Vertical Mi..
Silvermoon Metal Mirror
Add instant dimensionality to any room: the Silvermoon Metal Mirror, inspired by the funky styl..
Soho Metal Link Mirror
Borrowing from industrial chain link and from contemporary sculpture, the striking open-work metal f..
Soho Round Mirror: 6 Colours Available
Very Hip & Funky, the Soho Mirror will cause quite the stir on the wall... especially when paire..

St. Germain - Landscape Mirror
The generously proportioned 122 x 94cm beveled St Germain Landscape Mirror is framed in solid t..
Supporting Actor Round Mirror
In stock now. ..